If your home falls within our service area, you can request a FREE 15 step lawn analysis and quotation. There is no cost or obligation!

To request a quotation, Fill out the form below, or simply call toll free:

     1 (800) 610-LAWN or (416) 261-7848
Our technician will visit your home to perform the below 15 step lawn analysis to determine the best treatment program for your lawn. The information will then be left in your mailbox for your review.

1. Types of turf.   
9. Mositure of soil. 
2. Lawn establishment
10. Controllable weeds.
3. Density of turf 11. Weed grasses. (No control)
4. Colour of turf    12. Insect Infestation as per OMAF guidelines.
5. Thatch composition  
13. Disease activity.
6. Depth of topsoil.
14. Particular problems.
7. Texture of soil 15. Potential of lawn.
8. Condition of soil.

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