Our 5 visit program provides your lawn with the light frequent applications of slow release fertilizer. This minimizes surge growth and eliminates any potential for leaching or runoff. This schedule allows our technicians to monitor and address any problems as they arise throughout the season.
  • In early spring, apply custom blended, slow released fertilizer to stimulate growth and promote deep, dark colour.
  • Our technicians will do a thorough turf inspection for winter damage and grub infestation.
  • If your lawn has any thin/bare spots, we will leave you a FREE BAG of CUSTOM BLENDED GRASS SEED.
  • Early summer fertilizer with micro nutrients to promote a thick healthy lawn that naturally chokes out weeds.
  • Custom blended summer fertilizer with micro nutrients. Maintains healthy roots and increase drought tolerance.
  • Green Tee™ 100% natural kelp to ensure healthy roots and drought tolerance.
  • Inspection and spot treatment for surface feeding insects.
  • Late summer custom blended fall fertilizer with micro nutrients to ensure plant health into the fall. 
  • Custom blended fall fertilizer to develop a deep, healthy roots.
  • Prepares and strengthens your lawn for the winter.
Additional Services

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